Ways to live frugally while enjoying life

10 Ways to Live Eco-Friendly

10 Ways to Live Eco-Friendly
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Living eco-friendly has become more of a popular concept. The whole idea of green living is to reduce the amount of waste and energy you use. I am the first one to admit that this is an area that I could improve on, which is why I had the help of one of my good friends with this list. She is someone who totally rocks at living super green and is always on the search to find new creative ways. So here are some of her green living ideas that she implements daily!
  1. Reusable water bottles and coffee mugs

    This doesn’t need to be anything super expensive. For my water, I used one that is plastic with a straw, which you can find HERE. What I like about this water bottle is that the straw makes it so I drink more water throughout my day and it closes up so I can easily take it with me through my day, including to the gym. As for my coffee I like to use a glass mug like this ONE. I choose glass because I can warm it up in the microwave verse a metal mug. Also, I just keep one of each water bottle and mug so this isn’t cluttering up my life. I know that some people prefer the metal or glass type for their water and their coffee mugs, anything works since the point is to reduce the plastic. My friend will actually bring her coffee mug, which at times is a MASON JAR, with her to the coffee stand so she is not using disposable cups. Mason jars are a great multipurpose jar for drinking, pantry items, and packing lunches (such as salads on the go). The list goes on!

  2. No zip locks or plastics

    She only uses glass safe tupperware or mason jars. Mason jars come in all different sizes, here is a link to some 32 oz MASON JARS 

  3. Microfiber to dry dishes

    Using a microfiber towel in the kitchen will be able to dry dishes better and also the towel will be able to dry a lot quicker. Here are some great MICROFIBER TOWELS. These towels will help from growing bacteria and needing to be laundered as often.

  4. Use cloth napkins

    She is not someone who uses napkins or paper towels so she has sewed up some cloth napkins to use. She packs these in her lunch to take to work, along with use at home. You can easily buy the CLOTH NAPKINS, she is just very crafty!

  5. Grocery reusable bags and small ones for produce

    Bringing your own reusable bags for your groceries is a simple and easy way to cut down on plastic or paper bags.  These are the REUSABLE BAGS FOR GROCERIES that I use. I like these because they are machine washable and a light fabric. She also purchased some smaller ones for produce, bulk food, and purchasing flowers. These are the SMALLER REUSABLE BAGS she uses.

  6. Breast cloth pads as eye make up remover

    These are the cloth pads that are round usually used for breast feeding. She uses them to remove her make up. She says one pad, which can last a few days since she is just using one small area at a time. Here is a pack of BREASTFEEDING CLOTH PADS.

  7. Hang dry your clothes

    Instead of using the dyer you can hang dry your clothes. If you don’t want to lay your clothes over chairs you can always purchase a hanging rack that collapses easily, LIKE THE ONE SEEN HERE.

  8. Grow own food and herbs in pots 

    Planting your own food such as tomatoes, lettuce, strawberries, garlic, etc. Depending on where you live this might be a great option for certain times of the year. Also, starting a small herb garden in a pot with basil, thyme, and mint would be great. I dry the herbs and put them in a smaller mason jar to use in the off season. And the mint is so good in ice tea or just for making mint tea!  Be aware some herbs like take over pots, so you may want to ask when purchasing them because they may need to be kept separate.

  9. Compost

    This is a great idea to cut down on garbage. Even in small homes or condos you can have a container to collect it for use in your garden or pots. This is a GREAT COMPOST BIN to keep in your home.  Some garbage companies offer compost service.

  10. Remember: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

    I think that anytime you can reduce your garbage, reuse what you have and recycle what you can not reuse; you will find that living eco- friendly is very doable and you will be saving money while doing it!

The more intentional you live the less waste you will have. I hope these ideas spark some ways you may want to change some of your habits to live a little more eco-friendly. If you do live this way I would love to hear your tricks! Please feel free to comment below!