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15 Ways To Save At The Grocery Store

15 Ways To Save At The Grocery Store

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I have spent a good portion of my life being frugal and a HUGE portion of that was spent at the grocery store trying to cut back where I can. These are a few of my ideas I have always used and some of them have been improved with apps becoming more popular, which has made life so much simpler at saving money.

  1. Buy what’s in season-

    This really helps when buying fruits and vegetables. If you can be less picky about the fruit or vegetables you buy for that week you will see a cut in your grocery bill. For example, this past week I was craving some nectarines but the peaches were almost $2.00 a pound cheaper so I switched to peaches.

  2. Rewards cards-

    If you have main grocery stores you shop at, I recommend being apart of their rewards cards programs which gives you sale prices and a lot of times gives you money off gas prices at the pump. I have a Safeway club card and so not only do I get a price cut for that but if you download their Safeway App you can save even more. I know that lots of other stores do very similar programs and apps, you just need to ask!

  3. Buy bulk-

    I buy my oatmeal, all my spices, nuts, flour and rice in this area and it is cents on the dollar compared to buying prepackaged.

  4. Buy store brands instead of name brands-

    Store brands have VERY similar ingredients to the name brand. From canned food to over the counter medicine, you could be saving just by this easy switch.

  5. Coupons in all different places-

    I have mentioned the Safeway app but there are other apps I recommend. If you are someone who shops at Walmart they have an app called the Walmart Savings Catcher. If you pay for an item and it is cheaper at another store they will reimburse you the difference. The next app I use EVERY TIME I go to the grocery store (including Walmart) is called Ibotta. I find this app very easy to use. You can see my tutorial for this app HERE. You can also do the more standard coupons which are very easy to use. This would be the more traditional clipping coupon way which savings is savings in my book. I would recommend holding on to the coupons until they match with the store sales because they all run in cycles and you want the best bang for your buck!

  6. Menu planning-

    Take some time and think of what you and your family want this week for meals. Write it out by meal and then go through your pantry, refrigerator and freezer and see what you have and what you need. This will help you know what your making for the week verse ending up at the grocery store all week long wasting your time and money buying individual items verse getting it all in one shopping trip. You are more prone to buying the already cooked chicken for double the price verse buying it on sale and cooking it yourself. Planning your meals will simplify your life so much!

  7. Grocery list-

    To go along with menu planning I would recommend shopping with a grocery list. This will help you be organized and know what you are there to get instead of just shopping. When I have gone without a grocery list I end up with tons of items I didn’t truly need and a lot of times I already had some of the items at home in my pantry and didn’t realize it. You will spend way more money without a list!

  8. Stocking up when its on sale-

    Just because something is on sale doesn’t mean you have to buy it but if its something you use frequently then sure stock up! Just don’t become a hoarder by this idea.

  9. Look at alternatives-

    You can buy things in all sorts of forms. For instance, I buy juice in the powder form and get multiple packages of powder to make big pitchers of juice instead of buying frozen or already prepared. This cuts down on cost but also plastic from the big bottles of juice.

  10. Buy produce at a fruit stand-

    If you have a produce stand near by you might want to use that verse purchasing at the grocery store. You can get all the same produce (actually probably better quality) for quite a bit less. Plus you are supporting local business which is always good!

  11. Shop more than one store-

    I will buy my cleaning, can goods and paper products at Walmart and buy my actual groceries at the grocery store. I would even purchase my produce at a fruit stand if I had one near by but the closest one for me is about 2 hours round trip. For me purchasing some items at Walmart saves me quite a bit of money plus I use the Walmart app and my Ibotta and I can usually get everything far cheaper than if I didn’t use these sites.

  12. Use your tools-

    Not buying prepackaged foods- buy cheese in bulk and shred it or slice it yourself. Buy veggies in their whole state and cut them up verse buying prepackaged. Buy yogurt in the big container and prepackage it yourself for breakfasts on the go. You will have to put in more work but you will be saving in the process! I have a prep day to prepare me for the week and it saves me time throughout the week to still grab and go!

  13. Grow your food-

    Even if this is just for a season it will save you money at the grocery store and will be so fresh

  14. Buy meat on sale-

    Work your menu around what meat you can get a bargain on. My Safeway has a buy one get one free sale plus sometimes 50% off that….I can walk out of the store saving over 50% on my groceries by being flexible on meat. Also a lot of times whole raw chickens will be a few bucks verse already cooked chicken and you can cook it up and shred it for multiple meals for the week. Get creative!

  15. Use your freezer-

I use my freezer for keeping all the meat I buy on sale fresh but sometimes I will get to the end of the week and I didn’t use up all my produce that I expected to so I slice it up and freeze. I have done this with just about all produce and then add it to a stew or use the fruit in a protein shake the following week. I truly just don’t let food go to waste.


After the week has gone by and I start meal prepping for the following week, I make sure that whatever is in my fridge and freezer is accounted for so I don’t have to buy items I don’t need and I meal plan around what I have. Then from there I go through all my coupons and apps and head to the store with my game plan. I hope this list helps you save money like it does me!

If you have any ideas that I didn’t think of, I would love to hear! Feel free to comment below!