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15 Ways To Save At The Grocery Store

15 Ways To Save At The Grocery Store

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclaimer for more information.   I have spent a good portion of my life being frugal and a HUGE portion of that was spent at the grocery store trying to cut back where I can. These […]

How To Save Money Using The Ibotta App

How To Save Money Using The Ibotta App

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclaimer for more information.   I have been using Ibotta for the past year and have saved lots of money with it. I am going to walk you through the bests ways to use this app, […]

Dual Purpose Products

Dual Purpose Products

Who doesn’t love a product that you can use in more ways then one?! Not only is this the minimalist side of me, not wanting to have loads of items when when one product does the trick, but it also saves money not having to purchase the other items that you are able to replace!

Here is my list of dual purpose products..

  • Blue Dawn Soap-

Dual Purpose Product

Dawn is tough on grease but it is also a great stain remover for laundry. I place some Dawn on a stain before I place in the in the laundry and wash in cold (like I normally do) and then air dry.

  • Coconut Oil-

Dual Purpose Product

Cooking and baking ingredient but also great on skin and hair. I put some in a small mason jar and leave in my bathroom. I have rubbed my belly with coconut oil and I have received tons of compliments on how my baby bump looks with no stretch marks from the nurses and Doctor at my office. I use coconut oil on my baby girl too for her skin as a more natural lotion then the ones you buy. I also coat my hair with it for about 15 minutes before I take a shower and then wash and condition as normal. I get great shine and softness from doing this type of treatment. If you are wanting to bake with it, here is a great gluten free cookie recipe!

  • White Vinegar-

Dual Purpose Product

Vinegar is a great dual purpose product because you can turn it into a multifunctional cleaner, good on floors, windows and of course can cook with it.  You can also use vinegar to kill weeds outside. Way safer and cheaper then the chemicals you can buy from the home improvement store.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar-

    I have heard TONS of great benefits of apple cider vinegar. I currently use 1:1 ratio with one part water and one part ACV as a toner and it has reduced my sun spots. I also take a shot of it daily for health benefits which you can find here.

  • Conditioner-

    I use conditioner for my hair but also for shaving my legs. It works better then shaving cream because my legs come out moisturized instead of dry.

  • Vaseline-

This product has been around since the mid 1800’s! The original use was to heal cuts and burns but I use it on my lips and lashes nightly before bed. I know other people who use it on their cracked heals of their feet and on their cuticles. This is just a great moisturizer.  I also have a friend who uses it on squeaky hinges in her house.

  • Bay Leaves-

    You can cook with Bay leaves or you can put them in your windows and doors to help keep ants out. My friend swears by this method!

  • Salt-

    Salt is a staple ingredient in my house, just like in many houses. Besides using this as a cooking ingredient I have used salt to kill slugs in my garden for years. Works perfectly and doesn’t harm my garden like some toxic slug killers would.

  • Coffee-

    Just like salt being a staple in my house, coffee falls right in that same category. Besides drinking coffee you can use the coffee grounds on plants, in planters, or in a garden and of course use the grounds in a compost. You can also use the grounds for a coffee scrub that I will explain in the next bullet point. I also have used the left over coffee for iced coffees later in the day by just storing it in the refrigerator but also watering my plants with the coffee (only once a week).

  • Sugar-

    This is a common baking ingredient that I am sure you have in one way or another. Maybe brown sugar, raw sugar or just white sugar. Besides baking with it I use it in my scrubs. I have made all sorts of scrubs! One of my favorites is to make it with coffee grounds. I will warn you this can make your shower a little messy if you add too much coffee grounds. There are perks to adding coffee grounds to your scrubs found here, her recipe uses pods of coffee such as from a Kerig but you can just use normal coffee grounds if you use a coffee pot!

I hope my dual purpose products help you. These are some of the ways I use these products but please know that there are tons of other ways! I would love to hear the products you

Fall Book List

Fall Book List

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclaimer for more information.   With summer coming to an end, I thought that this would be a great time to share my book list to get ready for Fall. Nothing like curling up with a […]

Fall Fast Approaching

Fall Fast Approaching

With Fall right around the corner it makes me start dreaming of cool crisp mornings, pumpkin spice lattes, apple spice candles and those gorgeous falling leaves. This is the time of year, for a lot of the country, the weather changes and kids are back […]

Minimalist Emergency Supplies

Minimalist Emergency Supplies

With the remembrance of 9-11 today and all of the natural disasters currently in the news it sparked the thought of what a minimalist would need in the case of an emergency.  I know that every emergency is different so I am sure that there could more items you might need depending on the situation you are in.

  • Water-

    Keep enough drinking water for at least four days. If you are on well water and have enough warning you may want to think about filling up your tub to help you flush the toilet or just to have extra water. I also fill up my tea kettle with extra drinking water.

  • Food + can opener-

    Just like the water I would keep enough food for at least four days. Try to think of foods such as can food or protein type bars. Be sure to have a can opener to get into those can food items. Also, remember that food needs to be able to be edible without electricity and if the power is out you won’t want to be opening up your fridge because you will want to keep it as cold as possible.

  • Keep your gas tanks full-

    As if we need more reasons to not drive on E, but when an emergency hits power could be out making filling up your gas tank impossible and making it hard to get out of town if necessary. This is a simple way to be prepared.

  • Flashlight, radio, batteries and candles-

    You might want to keep a heavy duty flashlight and extra batteries to that flashlight in a place that you can easily find. Also, have multiple candles with lighters to light in bigger rooms to help bring a little light to areas where you need to get around safely. You might want to think about keeping a flashlight in your car too.  A radio may be your only way to get news and information regarding your situation. Always use candles safely.

  • Medication and pet supplies-

    If you take medications or have a pet, I would recommend having enough supplies for at least four days.

Just remember that food and water are the most important aspects of this list. I have personally been without power for over 7 days and at that point you get creative with showering and food. If you know that a storm is approaching, it might be a great idea to turn up the refrigerator and freezer to get it as cold as possible. This will hopefully keep your food cold enough if you lose power so that it doesn’t go bad. Now is a great time to meet your neighbors, if there is an emergency don’t forget check on them and help if you can.  Remember cell phones could go out and roads could be undriveable. So with those things in mind, be as prepared as you possibly can.

If you guys have any suggestions of emergency items I would love to hear, comment below!

Thank you for all those who served during 9-11 and for those who lost their lives.

What’s In My Hospital Bag?

What’s In My Hospital Bag?

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclaimer for more information.   Probably about 3 months before I was due I started researching different items I should be packing for my hospital bag. I was reading blog posts, watching YouTube videos, asking family […]

How To Pack The Perfect Cooler

How To Pack The Perfect Cooler

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my Disclaimer for more information.   With Labor Day being right around the corner I thought what better then to share my secrets on how I pack the perfect cooler! This is great to know if your planning on […]

Frugal Ways to Read Your Book List

Frugal Ways to Read Your Book List

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclaimer for more information.


About two years ago I started getting into reading. Growing up I hated it, and  honestly I’m sure that’s because I wasn’t a very good reader. It was around New Years when I was making my resolution list and a post on Instagram came up and it was a picture of a stack of books and the guy said, “How do you expect to move forward and hit your goals when you are not gaining knowledge?!”  I was like wow he is so correct! So I started researching books that I wanted to read for that time in my life and honestly haven’t stopped. I have a constant booklist that includes in all sorts of books. I have read some amazing books and have only purchased a few of them. Being frugal shouldn’t stop you from reading at all! Here are a few ideas…

Library card

I have had a library card since I was a little girl. Most cities if not all cities have a Library. I have never minded going into a Library and checking a book out but if you are rushed for time you can put a hold on it online and they will email you when it becomes ready for you to check out. This way, if you love holding a real book and reading you can and it costs you nothing.  Just make sure to return them on time. I was recently at my Library and they had a section of books that were free, fifty cents and one dollar. They had all types, which might be a perfect way to get some new books for not much money.

OverDrive app

This app is for ebooks or audiobooks. I have used this system for about a year and they have updated it to make it more user friendly but there are still many steps to get this app to work. You put your library card number into this app and then you can search your library for books that will download onto this app automatically or you can choose to put them on the kindle app if it is a book instead of an audiobook. With this option remember that you will need to return the book by its deadline like a normal library book, but no need to go to the library with this system. Also with this option there is a good amount of ebooks you can choose from but not as many audiobooks so just something to keep in mind.

Amazon Audible-

This option is great if you want to own the audiobook or have a bigger selection of audiobooks to choose from. Amazon offers 1 audiobook per month with Audible with a monthly membership fee, and you can choose to add another book with a fee. You do get to keep the audiobooks even if you cancel at anytime. You can try this option out with my link for 30 days free trial with 2 audiobooks. For me I started to listen to tons of audiobooks on my 3 hour commute to help pass the time and was able to get tons of books crossed off my book list and honestly learned a ton and was able to get inspired before I went to my 9-5 job.

Shop at a used bookstore

If you know that you will want to own a certain book I always check my local used bookstore, I have donated books to my store and have gotten store credit in return. Always ask if your book store has any programs like this. I was able to cut down on the books I own and also get a kick back in return, which I love!

Shop Amazon

This is another great idea if you are wanting to own a book. There is normally the choice to buy new or used which used is 99% cheaper and I can usually find it with free shipping too.  The used book sellers will give you an accurate description of the book’s condition.

Amazon Kindle

This is a good resource if you are wanting to read an ebook. This app actually can link up to OverDrive to give you your free reading material but you also can purchase books on here too. They have over 1 million ebooks and thousands of audiobooks to choose from. If you are an Amazon Prime member you can borrow one book a month from the Kindle store on the app and there is no due date to return the book. With my link you can try out Amazon Kindle’s 30 day free trial and see if this option works best for you.


I hope these ideas help you to get started reading! These are the websites and stores that I have used but I am sure there are tons of great other sites to get free or discounted books, so if you have one that you recommend please share! Happy reading!!

10 Ways to Live Eco-Friendly

10 Ways to Live Eco-Friendly

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclaimer for more information. Living eco-friendly has become more of a popular concept. The whole idea of green living is to reduce the amount of waste and energy you use. I am the first one to admit that […]