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Fall Book List

Fall Book List

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With summer coming to an end, I thought that this would be a great time to share my book list to get ready for Fall. Nothing like curling up with a great book and a warm cup of coffee or tea! So like I have mentioned before, I always have an on going book list and usually have a book that I am reading in between everything else going on in my life.

All of my books I get from my local library or online, which you can read HERE if you are needing some frugal ways to start reading. I also use Audible, which is great way to listen to your books while you are commuting or doing housework. With my link you will receive 2 free Audiobooks and can take part in the 30 day free trial! I have also attached the links to these books to make it easy to read if you are interested.

Here are some of my recent favorites:

I am like most girls and have loved Greys Anatomy from the beginning, so when she came out with this book I thought gosh I would love to read her autobiography. Shonda is the creator and executive producer of Greys Anatomy, Scandal, Private Practice and How to get Away with Murder. She is amazingly talented and tells her story along with what her life is like today. I really enjoyed this book.

As someone who loves self improvement and I had a friend recommend this book. I actually listened to it as an audiobook when I was commuting back and fourth to work. This book offers great advice and really has you think of where you could be improving.

I have read all of Dave Ramsey’s books and they are all great! He is very smart with finances and so I was interested on how he runs his company and advice he has for people trying to run leadership roles. I thought this book was packed full of great advice and I would reread this again.

This book is absolutely hilarious! Andi was on the Bachelor and then the Bachelorette and she tells her story and it was such a great read! I would highly recommend this book if you have had a bad relationship and need a laugh!

When I was in the process of moving and totally overwhelmed with clutter I found this book and decided to give it a try. Marie has made a living teaching people how to truly tidy up. She had such great advice and I was able to get moved and have a clutter free, tidy house. Now, with her help, everything has a home!

Christine is a Christian with a huge mission that God has put on her heart! I have listened to her speak numerous times and was really interested in reading this book. I was amazed at how she was able to work through her past to be given the amazing path that God has given her. If you have a troubled past your struggling to get through I recommend this book. So good!

I love to learn about finances and how people handle theirs successfully. This book just caught my attention, so I thought I would try it! She adds a sense of humor to this topic but this girl definitely knows her stuff! I would recommend this book if you need some guidance on finances or unsure what your next step is!

I enjoy most sports which includes UFC fighting, so I have watched Ronda fight but I didn’t know her story. This is a autobiography and WOW! If you want a good read of how this girl paved the path for other women fighters, you should pick this book up!

All of Sylvesters books I HIGHLY recommend. He has a way with words! I have read almost all of his books and honestly you can’t go wrong. Love After Pain really helps you move past the hurt you feel with a breakup.

Dear Soul: Love After Pain

Here is my current booklist:

I am currently reading This is What Real Love Feels Like by Sylvester McNutt III, which is his most recent book and I am loving it!

I would love to hear what you guys are reading! Please feel free to comment below!