Ways to live frugally while enjoying life

Hi Frugal Friends!

Hi Frugal Friends!

I will start this blog out by telling you about myself. I have always been a very hard worker and have ALWAYS found a way to make my money stretch. From at home diy manicures to at home cooking all the way to vacations. It wasn’t that I didn’t have money, it was more like I had a goal and wanted to reach it quicker and that became a way of life, I guess you could say. It almost became a challenge that I wanted to push myself to reach, like finding ways to cut costs where I could. After years of living like this my friends kept saying, “Sarah, you always have great ideas you should share them with other people”.  So after getting some ideas together I decided to go for it!!!

About 6 months ago I found out I was pregnant and that flipped my life more than anyone could imagine. As much as I am very excited to be a mother, and have ALWAYS wanted to be one, you could say that this wasn’t the most “ideal” situation. Knowing myself though, I wasn’t willing to go the abortion route, (personally not what I would choose) so this was going to be a climb that I needed to prepare for. With that being said, I quickly came to grips that I would be the only one raising this baby. I will get into this more later, but anyone who has been in this situation knows the struggle that is faced. The financial insecurity and the emotional instability created the terrifying fear of doing this alone.  Thankfully, I have a few great people who stood by me and supported me through this decision, but also realized that there were so many who wouldn’t and I chose to not have them close to me…I couldn’t take on anymore negativity than I already had going on.

So, with a baby on the way, I needed to re-arrange things around in my life. I wanted more money in my savings for a safety net, which, I knew was going to mean that I need to move out of my nice two bedroom apartment and into a friends spare bedroom for a few months while I saved. Unfortunately, my two bedroom apartment was FULL of stuff… some people wouldn’t think that walking in because it was decorated super cute but, between my families belongings who have passed and my moms belongings who had moved out of the state, I had about a house full of items super organized into my apartment. This started the thinking of a minimalist lifestyle or what I like to call living intentionally! I down sized all the way to a 10′ x 10′ storage unit and ended up selling my beautiful couch, my second tv, tv stand and much much more and only keeping my bed, night stands, dresser, antique china hutch, antique chest and my family heirloom dining table. I even parted with over half my closet! I am going to be honest…none of this was easy but, when I finally got moved, I felt a large weight off my shoulders, like I am sure you have heard other people say. The “stuff” was holding me back more than I even imagined and I wanted to be able to go wherever I was meant to go without having all this “stuff”.  There is nothing to say that I can’t buy something, I just don’t want to purchase stuff I don’t absolutely need or want. I guess that is the other part of this, once I downsized I wasn’t out buying new tops (partly because of my growing belly that sure wouldn’t fit my normal size anymore) or spending my money on more “stuff”.

This attitude went into my thought of my little girls room. What do we NEED? I read so many articles about the necessities of a newborn versus the wants and sure I was blessed with some wants but overall I personally only spent my money on the necessities. I did purchase some maternity shirts after completely running out of shirts that would fit but even with that I only have four and wash them weekly…what is the point of buying tons of maternity clothes when I have three more months of wearing them?? Plus they are spendy!!! I’m sure other people look at this differently and to each their own!! I will get into my methods of baby girls room and her furniture soon.

Some other things that I absolutely LOVE is baking and cooking. I love to travel and see new places…that’s the adventurer in me! I enjoy financing, budgeting, and even finding simple ways to cut back. And last but not least I love DIY like most girls! I am finding I am enjoying it even more since it has to do with baby girl and her room! I think that about covers it for now! I will be writing again soon and thank you for joining me on this journey!