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How To Pack The Perfect Cooler

How To Pack The Perfect Cooler

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With Labor Day being right around the corner I thought what better then to share my secrets on how I pack the perfect cooler! This is great to know if your planning on heading out on a road trip (which you can see 10 ways I save on a Road Trip here), going to the lake or even heading to a BBQ. I have this list broken down by steps which turns into layers. I have purchased my Igloo cooler through Amazon and it was been the BEST COOLER!

  • Start with a cool cooler if possible- Depending on the size of the cooler, I bring mine inside to cool it off but if you have a smaller cooler putting it in the fridge might be a good idea.

Step 1 on how to pack a cooler!

Step 2: Place heavy items in cooler

  • Heavy items-  Such as, water, soda or beer. These are things that can get really cold.

Step 3 Add light items

  • Lighter items- These are things like lunch meat, fruit, vegetables, etc

Step 4: Add ice

  • More ice- This is when I take a zipper type bag full of ice with all the air out (cold air sinks). In my photo above I have placed a medium size bag of ice but feel free to use a gallon size bag if you need things to stay cooler.

Step 5: Add your fragile items

  • Fragile items- Such as, bread or sandwiches

This layering process will keep food cold and dry. I also like to pack some paper towels, plastic bag (such as a grocery bag) for garbage, a small sharp knife, and some plastic silverware.  I hope this helps you for your cooler needs! I would love to hear if you have any cooler tricks, feel free to ad your comments below!