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Minimalist Emergency Supplies

Minimalist Emergency Supplies

With the remembrance of 9-11 today and all of the natural disasters currently in the news it sparked the thought of what a minimalist would need in the case of an emergency.  I know that every emergency is different so I am sure that there could more items you might need depending on the situation you are in.

  • Water-

    Keep enough drinking water for at least four days. If you are on well water and have enough warning you may want to think about filling up your tub to help you flush the toilet or just to have extra water. I also fill up my tea kettle with extra drinking water.

  • Food + can opener-

    Just like the water I would keep enough food for at least four days. Try to think of foods such as can food or protein type bars. Be sure to have a can opener to get into those can food items. Also, remember that food needs to be able to be edible without electricity and if the power is out you won’t want to be opening up your fridge because you will want to keep it as cold as possible.

  • Keep your gas tanks full-

    As if we need more reasons to not drive on E, but when an emergency hits power could be out making filling up your gas tank impossible and making it hard to get out of town if necessary. This is a simple way to be prepared.

  • Flashlight, radio, batteries and candles-

    You might want to keep a heavy duty flashlight and extra batteries to that flashlight in a place that you can easily find. Also, have multiple candles with lighters to light in bigger rooms to help bring a little light to areas where you need to get around safely. You might want to think about keeping a flashlight in your car too.  A radio may be your only way to get news and information regarding your situation. Always use candles safely.

  • Medication and pet supplies-

    If you take medications or have a pet, I would recommend having enough supplies for at least four days.

Just remember that food and water are the most important aspects of this list. I have personally been without power for over 7 days and at that point you get creative with showering and food. If you know that a storm is approaching, it might be a great idea to turn up the refrigerator and freezer to get it as cold as possible. This will hopefully keep your food cold enough if you lose power so that it doesn’t go bad. Now is a great time to meet your neighbors, if there is an emergency don’t forget check on them and help if you can.  Remember cell phones could go out and roads could be undriveable. So with those things in mind, be as prepared as you possibly can.

If you guys have any suggestions of emergency items I would love to hear, comment below!

Thank you for all those who served during 9-11 and for those who lost their lives.