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Repurposed Crib

Repurposed Crib

I have been so blessed with the amount of nice things I have received from people and one of them was a very nice crib. The crib was very sturdy and I could tell it was probably expensive. There was no bite marks or wear as far as I could tell. The only thing that I wasn’t a fan of was the color. It was a a bright red wood color which wasn’t ideal to the nursery I was building, so I decided that I would give it the fresh look.

I don’t have before photos due to the crib being in pieces, and I decided to paint it in pieces before putting it together. The paint I used was Annie Sloan in the color Pure White, to match the dresser. You can see the steps to my¬†Up-cycled Dresser

First, I sanded it down lightly and wiped all the sand off the pieces.

Second, I painted one of each of the pieces and let dry. Then flipped and painted the other side and let that dry. This took me a long time because each piece has four sides. After getting one coat painted, I had to let my back rest! I decided that I needed another coat after letting it dry thoroughly, thus I started that process over again.

Third, When I finished the second coat on all pieces and let it dry, I went back through and sanded it down with a semi-fine sand paper. This step took me quite a bit of time because I wanted to get all sides to each piece of the crib to be smooth. I didn’t try to distress any of the pieces, I just let it happen naturally because I liked the look. Since this piece was darker then my dresser initially, the final result of the crib was little differently than my dresser.

Fourth, This step should be to wax the piece and let it sit for 24 hours but they don’t recommend waxing if your pregnant so I will do that afterward.

Fifth, Set up the crib and start adding sheets, crib skirt and mobile!

I am very happy with how this crib turned out! This project costed me about $20 for the paint and $2 for the sand paper…so overall not an expensive diy at all!

Please feel free to comment if you have any questions!

Diy crib

Diy Crib