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Tackling Those Tough Areas: Paperwork

Tackling Those Tough Areas: Paperwork

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Today I want to talk about how to apply what you know about minimalism from my last article, which you can find  here and start living this out today.

Now most of us are running from one place to another. Trying to do grocery shopping or making it to the gym on top of working all day and running the kids around. You might thinking, “ya right Sarah, living like a minimalist isn’t going to solve these issues”. Thats where your wrong… intentional living is making a conscious decision to choose how you want to spend your time and energy. This is your choice! Life can be hectic but its a mindset which also goes into sorting through the distractions and focusing on what is truly important to you!

So lets begin to get your home set up the way YOU want instead of letting everything run you. If you’re feeling rushed for time set your timer for 10 minutes and just focus on one area for this short time! For me my biggest struggle has always been paperwork. It takes no time at all for all the papers to start to taking over.

Here are a few ideas to help get that paperwork sorted and organized.

  • I highly suggest having two organizing bins…
    • File bin or cabinet- important documents: This is the FILE BIN I use!!
    • Small type bin- for papers you need to save just for a short time: This is the PAPER TRAY ORGANIZER I use!!
  • You should have three piles…
    • Toss
    • Keep
    • Need to handle (aka pay a bill or call on type mail)
  • Keep all documents in your phone if possible.
    • example- appointment cards- I just put it right into my iPhone calendar
    • I take photos of things instead of carrying a piece of paper around and if its important I will either star it in my photos to go into my favorites or email it to myself and save it in a folder on my email.
  • As far as email goes I have my statements emailed to me and I save them in a folder in my email. So once I pay them I can easily delete them.
  • Also I use an app for my budget verse paper called Every Dollar and I actually put on that bill when they are due and how much I paid and when I paid them.
  • When you pick up the mail from your mail box sort it right away and throw away what you don’t need. Open the mail you are keeping right away and decide what you need to do with it (refer to three piles above).  This is when the file bin and the smaller bin or sorter comes in handy. Remember most papers you don’t need to hold on to for very long.
  • As far as magazines…I used to keep every magazine…I was a magazine hoarder! Now honestly I don’t have subscriptions to magazines anymore because it was just to much and to me the money wasn’t worth it. That isn’t saying that if I’m in the grocery store and see a great Real Simple Magazine that I am interested in that I wont buy it…because I will! I like to have paper in my hands to read. I get tired of reading off my phone. I ended up going through all my magazines and I took photos of the ideas I loved and saved them in my favorites in my photos and I recycled all the magazines and got rid of all the clutter! Sometimes my mom will pass magazines off to me and I will actually give myself a deadline to read it by because I know I have this habit of collecting.

I think the biggest thing to paperwork is taking the time to tackle the papers all over the counter or the large pile you have on your counter. Pay the ones that need to be paid, file the ones that are important to save and shred or toss the rest! I really think that with these tips you will be on your way to getting the paperwork under control and living more intentional.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments below!