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Up-cycled Dresser

Up-cycled Dresser

So as you guys know, I have a beautiful little girl coming into this world in a few months and since my move and getting reorganized I decided to be on the outlook for an amazing dresser that I could fix up to fit the look I am going for in the nursery! A few years ago I really got into painting furniture and I loved it!! Of course I painted in my living room of my apartment and I would turn around and sell the pieces (of course I kept my favorites) for my side hustle and definitely made a decent amount. This is when my great bargaining techniques came into play. Anyway I was excited to get the chance to paint again! I talked about only buying things that I need and of course I had a plan for dual use of this dresser by making it a changing table on top, so I need this dresser to come to my hips. I would like at least three drawers and I need it to fit a changing pad on top as well.

The search started at garage sales and I must have gone to about 15 and had no luck. At the end of another week of garage saling I decided to go to the last place listed in the newspaper and it took me to the industrial side of town. When I was driving out there I was like this is going to be interesting and sure enough it was! It was a second hand store and the proceeds go to the animal shelter in town (which I love). I started walking through and all the way in the back I come across a dresser that looks pretty worn. Around the corner was a taller version of the same dresser also in rough shape. The top has a laminate on it, which I wasn’t a fan of. It was on the smaller side of what I was hoping for and the color is this awful brown. But on the plus side I knew the curves on the bottom were going to look so good and with my plan of painting and distressing the piece it would be a head turner!! When I asked the gal how much she wanted for the shorter dresser she said $40 for the set. I stood there thinking about it and I wasn’t thinking of getting two dressers, even though it was a steal. I went back over to her and asked if she would take $20 for the one and she said yes. So we loaded it up and off I went!


Before being repurposed

I brought it home and wiped the outside and inside all down. I took all the knobs and pulls off of the drawers and then began light sanding. I also sanded the top (laminate) too wanting to give the paint something to adhere to. I have used all sorts of paints over the years but I knew I wanted to use Annie Sloan chalk paint in pure white. I had picked the paint up a few weeks prior knowing that I was going to need it when I found the perfect dresser. They say with Annie Sloan paint that you don’t need to sand but I always liked to, my personal preference. ¬†After I got it all sanded down, I quickly wiped the excess sand off of the dresser and drawers. I always pour my paint into a cup so I am not dipping my brush into my paint. So I stirred the paint up and poured some into my cup and began to paint. I did not paint the inside of the drawers but if I was going to sell this piece I absolutely would. I let the first coat dry over night and came back the next day and decided to paint another coat. I let that dry and then started sanding the piece again. With sanding some natural distressing happened, which was exactly what I wanted so I was so happy with how it was turning out. I finished sanding and wiped the piece down to get the extra sand off of it and put the knobs back on. Normally I would wax at this point but they don’t recommend you’re wax pieces when your pregnant so I will be doing that once I have my little girl.


After! Repurposed dresser using Annie Sloan paint

I am so happy with how it turned out! Since I got it completed I have organized the drawers and have a cute little shelf next to it with wipes, diapers and a basket with extra goodies! If you have any questions about painting or finding a good find feel free to message me and subscribe!